The Davis Cross-Cultural Foundation

DCCF was founded in April 2015 as a nonprofit organization (in processing to get 501 c3) dedicated to organize the Davis International Film Festival to promote cultural exchange. This year, the DCCF is hosting the US-China Youth Humanity Film Festival, meant to showcase Chinese film culture and encourage international film collaboration between China and the U.S.

The DCCF is inspired by a story told by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to the U.S. in 2012 about a link between Davis, California and Guling, China. After the passing of UC Davis Professor Milton Gardner, his wife Elizabeth Garner tried desperately to find his hometown village in the Fujian province of China. President Xi took notice of her plight and connected with Elizabeth to help her visit the village, fulfilling her husband’s last wishes. This touching story spans a century of history and is a testimony to the strength of the friendship between China and the U.S. We decided to start a Davis International Film Festival to coincide with President Xi’s visit to the U.S. this September. Chancellor Linda Katehi of UC Davis will invite President Xi to visit UC Davis and the Davis International Film Festival and will serve as the Master of Ceremonies during the opening ceremony. Our festival partners are the Institute of Media Arts and International Writing Center of Beijing Normal University and the Visual Anthropology Center of China University of Nationalities.