The Second Davis International Film Festival Red Carpet and Award Ceremony

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The Second Davis International Film Festival kick off

The Second Davis International Film Festival Kickoff was held June 25,2016 at the APAPA headquaters in Sacramento,California. The Davis International Film Festival has gained enthusiastic support from people in many walks of life and communities in China and the U.S. It's also an important component of the third Across the Pacific China Arts Festival which is organized by the San Francisco Chinese Consulate.

This news conference was hosted by Amy Tong,California's Chief Information Officer (CFO) and Director of the state Department of Technology.Ning Wan, Chair of Davis International Film Festival ,spoke and played a video about last year's film festival.CC Yin, Honorary Chairman of the Davis International Film Festival ,who is also famous as the founder and chairman of Asia Pacific American Public Affairs (APAPA),and known as the king of the McDonald's , delivered a speech.

AMY TONG,California's Chief Information officer

Ning Wan, Chair for DIFF

Xiaoping Diao,organizer for DIFF Kickoff

Mr. Yin emphasized that cultural exchange and participation in politics are both important and help us build an equal society in America.He encouraged everyone to step out of the usual circle and blend in with America society. He highly praised the charm of tthe beauty who wears Cheongsam.

CC Yin,the founder and Chair of APAPA and king for MacDonald's

Zhong Liu,Vice-Chairman of Davis International Film Festival, also gave a speech. Mr Liu said that since the first Chinese delegation visited in 1971,China and the U.S have established diplomatic relations, He talked about American Society still having a bias regarding the Chinese ,and said we're responsible for letting them konw us Chinese and Chinese Culture through cultural exchange and technical exchange. At the same time,Liu announced that our festival include AR/VR interactive experience and technical innovation communication activities. With the breakthrough development of virtual reality technology,traditional image frofessionals face the challenge ofnew content creation and communication technologies.As host for the Davis International Film Festival ,California,especially with many companies in Silicon Valley also at the cutting edge of innovation in virtual reality technology,offers a platform for exchange on traditional image career and science.Amy Tong,CIO and Department of Technology director, also showed her support.

Zhong Liu, the Vice-Chairman for DIFF

Yunshi Wang, Director of the UC Davis China Center for Energy and Transportion.Tiannong Jiang,President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Xiaoping Shen,Chairman of the Chinese Institue of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in California.Xiaoyuan Yi,Principal of the Great Wall Chinese school in Sacramento. Shiqiao Li,principal of the New Star Chinese school in Davis gave a speeches during the news conference.

Yunshi Wang ,Director,China Center for Energy and Transportation

Sunny Shen, Chair of Qi Feng Tang

Group photograph of beauties who wear Cheongsam

Archieve of the first annual Davis International Film Festival