Winners of the first annual Davis International Film Festival

Winners of the first annual Davis International Film Festival were announced at the gala Opening Ceremony Sept. 19 at the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, UC Davis. Over 1100 films from more than 80 countries entered this year’s competition. American and Chinese movie producers, directors, actors and actresses were among the celebrity guests on the red carpet, including Robert Alexander, CEO/President of the Motion Picture Hall of Fame, China’s most influential young film director Baogang Zhao, movie stars Yong Yu and Zhicheng Ding and many others from Hollywood and Beijing. American and Chinese filmmakers also held a lively discussion at the Davis International Filmmakers’ Forum on Sept. 20 floowing by film screening of three Chinese Movies: Lotus Code, One step away and The memorial of the Flying Tigers

The awards are:

  1. In English and other Language
    • Best Feature Film: Lure (Jesse Harley, Director, Canada)
    • Best Feature Documentary: Dreadlocks Story (Linda Ainouche, Director, United States)
    • Best Short Documentary: Forgotten Bird of Paradise (Dominic Brown, Director, United Kingdom)
    • Best Short Film Not in English: On the Ropes (Andrea Simonetti, Director, Italy)
    • Best Short Film in English: Monica (Gunnar Tørnes, Director, Norway)
    • Best Animation: Ratio (Murat Sayginer, Director, Turkey)
    • Best Children’s Animation: KiaRex (Yandong Qiu, Director, United States)
  2. In Chinese Language
    • Best Chinese Documentary Film Award: 1)The memorial of the Flying tigers, 2)Deng Xiaoping visits USA
    • Best Chinese Art Film Award: I believe
    • Best Original Screenplay Award: Huiyan Li
    • Best Chinese Animated Film Award: The Last piece of maple leaf
    • Best Documentary Short Film Award: The forgotten bird of paradise,
    • Most Promising Actress Award: Yang Qi
    • Most Popular Actor Award You Yong, Ding Zhicheng
    • Most Popular Director Award: Jin Yao, Yin Zhe
    • Best Young Director Award: Qing Yang
    • Artistic Achievement Award: Zhao Baogang
    • Best Series Awards – presenter: The prettiest picture, Distance of love, Tears
    • Emerging Artist Award: Sixing Su, Tianwei Wang
    • Special Festival Leadership Award: Jun Wan

Seven winning films from six different countries will be screened in Davis at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 26 at the Richard Brunelle Performance Hall, 315 W. 14th St. Tickets will be available at the door.

The Davis International Film Festival will provide a platform for young film professionals and film enthusiasts to engage, explore and discover cinematic creativity. Films are a bridge that can open discussion and facilitate cultural exchange between people from different backgrounds.

The Davis International Film Festival is about dreams and a passion for creating new films,
It is about the blending of ideas and cultural values between Chinese and American filmography,
It is about the attachment and melancholy of the love toward of the homeland,
It is about the bright future of multi-cultural cooperation.

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Congratulations from Mayor of Davis and Yolo County Supervisor

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Beijing China: Wishing Davis International Film Festival Success

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